iPhone Battery Facts

iPhone Battery Facts
We all wonder what’s the right way to charge your phone. Well I can tell you as an iPhone specialist I’ve over 15 years experience I have discovered there are social differences and also some facts when charging your phone.
Some people plug their phone in at the nearest charging point. Others wait for it to completely discharge before charging it up which does seem the right way but only in some ways.
Smart phones are powered by lithium ion batteries, which work by moving charges of lithium ions from one electrode to another. The ions move in One Direction when charging and the other when discharging. When these ions move it puts stress on the electrodes and that leads to a battery life being reduced.

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Charging your battery to full capacity less often and not letting it run totally dry can extend its life somewhat. As it puts less stress on electrodes and the degradation. So the tip there is not to let it go less than 20% and not charge it over 80%.
Also what can prolong a batteries life Is keeping the battery cool. So charging your phone all the time and then letting it completely run out could shorten its life. If you don’t upgrade regularly and don’t follow Ideal charging practices then you might find your phones battery life lacking. Then there are factors of how much you use your phone and also how you charge your phone irregularly could have a factor on the battery life.

It does sound a bit confusing but the secret is not to let it not to let the battery run completely out before recharging it, and also keeping the phone cool which can help a little bit. One thing noticeable in our shop with repairs and diagnostics, is that if an iPhone battery health is less than 80% it really is time to change the battery or if you like upgrade your phone. With new models from the iPhone X upwards if you put a generic battery into your phone it will give errors and drain battery life very fast, this has been discussed as dirty tricks by Apple as Apple do not want you swapping Apple parts for non-Apple parts plus the software scans to see if there are generic parts involved and if so probably dirty tricks are involved.
So if possible replace your battery with an original iPhone battery. One thing to note is that if a battery gets wet it ruins the polarity of the battery very very quickly it’s one of the first things that develop a fault when the phone gets water damage. If you need your iPhone battery diagnosed please get in touch with us and we can give you a professional account of the state of the phone and the battery

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